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 Summer 2023 " Iron Sharpens Iron" ./Summer Newsletter 2023.pdf
January 2023 Winter: "A Blessing to the Community" ./CWAH January 2023 Newsletter.pdf
October 2022 Fall: "Out of the Mouths of Babes" ./CWAH October 2022 Newsletter.pdf 
June 2022 Summer: Let the Church Say "AMEN" ./CWAH Jun 2022 Newsletter.pdf 
April 2022 Spring: Regifting The Gift ./APRIL2022Regifting.pdf
July 2021 Summer: Mental Health Pandemic ./CWAH summer news 2021.pdf 
April 2021 Spring: I Hear Music In The Air ./Spring 21.pdf 
September 2020 Fall: ./Newsletter September 2020.pdf
Winter 2020: Staying Connected While Social Distancing ./newsletter2020.pdf
Winter 2019: Someone To Show You the Way, Luke Nelson Story  ./Winter Edition 2019.pdf 
Spring 2018: Health ......... CARE, Dr. Christy Richardson ./Spring Edition 2018.pdf 
Winter 2018: The Spirit of Love, Sharlene Hill Story ./The Spirit of Love Winter Edition 2018.pdf
Fall 2017: The Quiet Leaders, Pamela Dugger Family Story ./2017 FallEdition.pdf 
Summer 2017: We Got You, Sarah Williams Story ./2017 Summer Edition.pdf 
Spring 2012: There's A New Doc on Board: the Patrice Johnson Story ./2012 Newsletter.pdf