St. Louis American: Gloria Taylor - 2014 Lifetime Achiever Caring for the Community

For 25 years, Gloria Taylor and her team have been helping families such as Towns to get back on their feet during hard times. Located in the Central West End, the center serves about 200 families a year through various services and educational programs. For Taylor, their mission is far beyond a simple handout. She said there is little her team won't do to make sure these families succeed.

City Corner: Marriage Family Business/Community Women Against Hardship 

Robin Boyce interviews Nicole and Abe Adewale from ABNA Engineering and Gloria Taylor from Community Women Against Hardship.


CWAH at the Sheldon with Oleta Adams
Join Community Women Against Hardship as they celebrate 25 years of serving the community at 5 PM on November 3, 2013, at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Guest Oleta Adams takes the stage and a one-of-a-kind auction follows her fantastic concert.

James Ross @ Gloria Taylor (Co-Founder) - "Community Women Against Hardship"

Gloria Taylor (Co-Founder) of "Community Women Against Hardship" brought in the all-female supergroup, Jazz In Pink, to kick off their annual awards banquet. Jross-tv and its allies would like to invite you to help support this worthwhile organization with donations of well-maintained articles of clothing as well as things that a person may need to outfit a home. Money is always welcome.

CWAH Jazz Celebration at the Bistro

Join "A Jazz Celebration" celebrating Black History Month with Community Women Against Hardship on Sunday, February 27, 2011, at The Bistro at Grand Center, 3536 Washington Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. Ticket prices include brunch and this one-of-a-kind performance from five outstanding artists.



2006 Classic Woman Gloria Taylor - Community Women Against Hardship

Traditional Home is proud to honor Gloria Taylor of St. Louis as one of the Classic Woman Award recipients.