As a volunteer-based, non-profit organization, CWAH thrives because of the generosity of our donors. Together we form a community that families can rely on for support, strength and encouragement. We accept the following types of donations:


Non-perishable food items and toiletries.


Clean, seasonal clothing including: pants, shirts, blouses, coats, shoes, dresses, belts, handbags and hats for male and female adults, teenagers and children.

Household Appliances

Furniture and home appliances including: couches, refrigerators, bedding, bath towels, flatware, dishes, TVs, DVD players, tables, lamps, etc. Larger items may be eligible to be picked up. All household should be in good condition and functioning.

Note: We require donations to be clean and in good condition and we require that you call our office before dropping off donations. 2021 All items must be neatly folded and in boxes, *** No Plastic Bags***



All of CWAH’s classes, workshops and events are run by volunteers with professional skills. Check out our volunteer information to learn more about becoming a CWAH volunteer!


We always appreciate monetary donations to further support our mission. We accept checks, money orders (via mail) and payments to our Paypal.