Student Enrichment Program

The Student Enrichment Program, like the Parent Opportunity Program, is a series of developmental classes and educational workshops for children and teens (5th to 12th grades) to better themselves alongside their families. Youth developmental and educational classes enrich their lives while we provide young people with opportunities to use their talents and skills.

Classes are offered from the fall to the spring with a special program available in the summer. All classes are free and run 4 to 8 weeks. Past classes include fine arts, media, health and nutrition, and science.  

Modern American Music Program
Our Modern American Music program provides music lessons for our families' children and teens. 

This unique music program is for youths. Beginners and advanced students have an opportunity to study in an ensemble and have individual lessons, with some of the most gifted musicians (instructors) and educators for all genres of music performance.

This music program performs music that is historically significant as well as challenging. The students receive outstanding instruction in performance, history, and improvisation from our instructors and educators. The music program helps to increase self-esteem through the feelings of pride and accomplishment derived from program participation and public performance.

Classes are free and are held on Saturdays at the center. They run throughout the school year (no summer classes). 

Youth Entrepreneurship

These classes are designed to teach youths aged 12 to 18 business and personal finances in order to prepare them for a global economy, positioning them to be future leaders, and thereby improving their quality of life.

This 8-week program includes topics such as:

  • Week 1 - Money Matters
  • Week 2 - Understanding Needs and Wants
  • Week 3 - What are Savings, Budgeting, and Cash Management
  • Week 4 - How to Make Money - Business Plan
  • Week 5 - Lay it Out - Write the Business Plan
  • Week 6 - Review the Business Plan
  • Week 7 - Sell Product
  • Week 8 - Review Results of Sales
Non-Violent Youth Summit
The summit is an annual conference to discuss sensitive topics like gang violence, sex trafficking, drugs, and other topics that are of concern or relate to the lives of children and teens participating in CWAH programs.

In our last conference, Aaron Morris, with the new release of his book, "From Gangs To God," captivated youths and adults with his life story. Tales of his inward struggle to find acceptance and belonging in a world where the crime did pay and early demise was considered eminent and customary kept parents and youths on the edges of their seats. One young man was so impressed he said, "Now that's a real man."

Summer Program

This developmental and educational program is for youth from 5th to 10th grade. Youth developmental and educational classes enrich the lives of participants from low- to moderate-income families while providing them with opportunities to use their talents and skills. Classes are free.