Parent Opportunity Program

The Parent Opportunity Program is a personalized program that addresses your specific needs. You become a “client” of CWAH and together we create a contract listing your goals and what we can do to help you reach those goals.

To become a client of CWAH, you must schedule an appointment or be referred to us by an authorized authority including but not limited to: caseworkers, social workers, pastors, school counselors or officials from social services agencies, religious institutions, educational institutions or human services agencies. Authorized personnel making the referral must be very familiar your living situation and reasons for your client application. Referral forms must be completed and sent to CWAH before the process can continue.

To request a referral form, please click here: ./CWAH REFERRAL FORM.pdf

After being referred, members of CWAH will schedule an interview and a home visit to evaluate your circumstances and needs. If accepted as a client, we will work together to create your contract. In exchange for access to our services, we require clients to enroll in 2 - 3 of our free development classes and to actively demonstrate improvement over a period of time. Classes are scheduled throughout the year (except the summer months) and each class runs from 6 - 8 weeks.

Some of the classes that we have offered in the past include: Financial Literacy, First Time Home Buying and Credit Repair.

Parents who continuously attend and participate in the program are also offered support services and resources such as access to our food pantry, clothing boutique, and warehouse of furniture and household items.


Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program is designed to assist parents in learning how to become responsible homeowners.


People Against Poverty Campaign

The People Against Poverty Campaign is our largest annual referral campaign hosted during the holidays.