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February 21, 2024

Non-Violent Youth Summit


The summit is an annual conference to discuss sensitive topics like gang violence, sex trafficking, drugs, and other topics that are of concern or relate to the lives of children and teens participating in CWAH programs.

Most recently, Aaron Morris, with the new release of his book, "From Gangs To God," captivated youths and adults with his life story. Tales of his inward struggle to find acceptance and belonging in a world where the crime did pay and early demise was considered eminent and customary kept parents and youths on the edges of their seats. One young man was so impressed he said, "Now that's a real man."

2016 - Looking for conflict resolution, effective communication, and the pros, and cons of social media.

2015 - How can you resist violence? What if your child is being bullied? What safety measures can you take to protect yourself? Who can we talk to? These were topics of discussion with Rev. Dennis Haymon, Senior Elder Believers Temple Word Fellowship Church; Andre Smith, St. Louis Police Department; and Jeffrey Taylor, Recreation Therapeutic Counselor.

2013 - Dr. Sharon West, Director of Clinical Services, Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Center discusses raising children to resist bullying and learn signs to look for that your child is being bullied.

2012 - Gloria Taylor, the CEO/Founder, pours her heart out about why we must "Stop The Violence Now" and the role they must play in getting involved.

2012 - Jeffrey Taylor, Therapeutic Counselor, Missouri State Division of Youth Services, engages students in simulation exercises to teach the importance of teamwork and effective communication.

2012 - Aaron Morris, Y.E.A.H. Team Program Manager, captivates and empowers youth to make better choices. The main goal is to bring those who have made bad choices back to reality and to keep those who have yet to make a wrong turn from doing so.