St. Louis Beacon, 10/14/2011: "Music moves youth helped by CWAH" 
"On Belle Place, off Vandeventer Avenue a few blocks west and north of Grand Center and the Fox, Sheldon and Jazz at the Bistro, the entertainment is furnished by competing garage sales. But inside a white building on the north side of the street, at least three activities are happening all at once in the home of the nonprofit organization, Community Women Against Hardship."
"R&B singer Melba Moore couldn't have been a more appropriate choice for last fall's concert at the Sheldon to raise money for Community Women Against Hardship, a self-help group. Its mission is to lift up women and families experiencing streaks of bad luck not unlike the kind that Moore herself once faced."
The Liguorian, 12/2008: "Changing Lives; One Life at a Time"
"For just a short while, I invite you to lift your feet-and your faith-a little higher and take a detour with me down the road to visit with Gloria Taylor, CEO and cofounder of Community Women Against Hardship (CWAH). Under the direction of Gloria and her cofounder, the late Betty Jordan Lee, a civil-rights activist, journalist, and educator, CWAH has become a place where hope is dispensed on a daily basis by a dynamic team of people I call the "messengers of hope.""