The Institute for the Advancement of
Jazz Study & Performance 

This unique music program is for youth [5th- 12] grades; Beginner & Advanced students have an opportunity to study in an ensemble and have individual lessons, with some of the most gifted musicians (instructors) and educators, for instrumental jazz and performance. 

This jazz music program performs music that is historically significant as well as challenging. The students receive outstanding instruction in jazz performance, jazz history, and jazz improvisation from our instructors and educators. The jazz program helps to increasing self-esteem through the feelings of pride and accomplishment derived from program participation and public performance.

There is a small fee for each class, per child. Classes are held on Saturdays at the CWAH Family Support Center. Classes run through-out the school year. (no summer classes) Contact CWAH for more details.

Please click here for the application: The Institute for the Advancement of Jazz Study and Performance-Music Program Application.pdf